180 Gourmet Dog Recipes at a Glance



Pampering Your Pup Gone Gourmet

Breakfast: It’s not Just Kibbles ‘n’ Bits Anymore
Oinkers and Omelettes
Biscotti Base
Almond Biscotti
Carob-dipped Biscotti
Trail Mix Biscotti
Punkin’ Biscotti
Banana Biscotti
Beagle Bagels
Veggie-lovin’ Muffins
PB&H Muffins
Corny Muffins
Munchy Muffins
Meaty Muffins
PB&O Chunks
Poochy Omelette Bar
Breakfast Casserole
Puppy Pancakes
Puppy Pancakes Plus
Tater Cakes
Puffy Puppy Pancakes
Pigs in a (Doggie) Blanket
Twice-Baked Waffles

Natural Dog Food: A Great Alternative to That Big Paper Bag
Nummy Noodles
Down-Home Hound Hash
Beefy Borscht
Nothin’ But Natural
Steamed Veggies
Bird Food
Just Chicken
Basically Beef
Oats and Asparagus
Garlicky Steak

Healing Foods: Canine Cures Through Crunchy Goodness
Herbal Helpers
Bland Rice
Dry Chicken and Rice
Roast Beef and Taters
Multivitamin Meal
Allergy Alleviator

International Foods: Dogs Do Eat Sushi
Tamago Rolls
Cucumber Rolls
Oshinko Rolls
Carrot Roll
Veggie Roll
Crunchy Inari
Beefy Inari
Chicken Inari
Tamago Inari
Beefy Omelette Bags
Crunchy Omelette Bags
Fishy Omelette Bags
Cheesy Cuke Omelette Bags
Chicky Omelette Bags
Fishy Roll
Shroom Roll
Beefy Roll
Kitty Roll
Bony Sushi
Beefy Ravioli
Bock Bock Bark Ravioli
Popeye Ravioli
Kibble Ravioli
Chunky Ravioli
Beet Pasta
Popeye Pasta
Meaty Pasta
Punkin’ Pasta
Eggy Casserole
Fiesta Chicken Quesadillas
Fiesta Beef Quesadillas
Fiesta Egg Quesadillas
Green Fiesta Quesadillas
Tail-Wagging Tostadas
Growlin’ Guacamole Grits
Texan Taters
Mexican Ice Pups
Barkin’ Buffalo Wings
Coyote Crust
Pot Paws
Puppy Picnic Potatoes
Mac and Cheeze
Dog Wok
Green Dog Wok
Yummy Gyros
Snuff-a-licious Bell Peppers
Two Tater Salad

Sauces and Toppings: Dogs Need Condiments, Too
Beef Gravy
Chicken Gravy
Liver Gravy
Organ Meat Sauce
Turkey Giblet Gravy
Green Gravy
Rabbit Gravy
Spicy Pumpkin Gravy
Fruit Salad Sauce
Hound Fudge
Strawberry Banana Bliss

Mutt Mints: Remedies for Raunchy Breath
Cheesy Mints
Crunchy Carrot Breath Kicker
Lemon Lickers
Basil Bites
Chilly Chocolate Chews

Meaty Treats: Snacks, Rewards, Whatever
Sizzlin’ Snacks
Beefy Biscuits
Steak Snaps
Baby Biscuits
Mega Meaties
Greenie Goodies
Very Veggie Cookies
Lip Smackin’ Livers
Best Bones
Oat Delights
Simple Snacks
Liver n’ Oat Cookies
Nuke Biscuits
Not-So Matzo
Italian Biscuits
Deluxe Doggie Delights
Chilly Treats

Cookies: You’ll Love ‘Em, Too
PB Crunchies
Cheese-a-licious Cookies
Nanner Crunchies
Breath Barkers
Cheesy Poofs
Puppy Potpourri
PB Cup Cookies
Magic Brownies
See-in-the-Dark Cookies
Shorty’s Shortbread

Dessert: After Dinner or Anytime
Freeze Pups
Bone and Cherry’s Ice Cream
Sor-bay at the Moon
Puppy Truffles
Beggin’ Bars
Wascawwy Wabbit Cassewowe
Very Good Vinegar Cake
Rover’s Rice Pudding
Squishy Pie
Corny Casserole
Punkin’ Paws
Crunchy Peanut Chews
Sweet Stuff

Celebrations: Happy Birthday to Pooch
Barkday Mini-cakes
Canine Carrot Cake
Absolutely the Best Apple Cake
Punkin’ with a Punch Cake
Birthday Cake on a Diet
Smushy Cake
PB Cake
Peanut Butter Pup Cake

Natural Puppy Food: He’s Not Just a Small Dog

Puppy Noodles
Scrapple Doo
Baby Borscht
Little Lassie Livers
Veggie Vittles
Biscuit Bake
Whinny-ful Oats and Asparagus
Dracula’s Nightmare

Healing Beverages: Cool Down Your Hot Dog
Belly Buster
Pancreas Pleaser
Garlic in a Glass
Coat Care Combo
Bony Beverage
Cough Corrector
Hairy Juice
Green Juice
Zit Zapper
Terrific Teeth Tonic

Hygiene: Is That Broccoli In Your Teeth or Are You Just Really Bad at Brushing?
Super Minty Toothpaste
Puppy’s Preferred Paste
Barkley’s Beautiful Bath Spritz
Growlin’ Gum Solution
Lemon Flea Dip
Skeeter Spritz
Not-So-Hot Spots
Shampoo for Sticky Situations
Antibacterial Sprinkle