YES! I want to understand my dog! I want to spoil my dog on a shoe string budget and I want treat him like never before. I am sick and tired of not doing enough for my dog.

I understand when I order today, I will get all 3 ebooks and 9 Audio Visual Presentations within this Dog Lover's Essentials MegaPack.  I understand that all of these are downloadable onto my computer immediately!  I know that this invaluable information empower me to do the right thing for my dog and myself and I'll have blast doing it.

I understand I will receive a $30.00 discount off the original price of $97.00

I understand when I order today I will receive...

  1. 101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10 - Spoiling Your Best Buddy Rotten for less than the cost of a pizza has never been easier.
  2. 180 Gourmet Dog Recipes - The ultimate way to treat your dog to something special.
  3. Secrets to Happy and Healthy Pooch - Before you take your do to the vet again, check this out First.
  4. Instinct Vs Man - 9 Audio Visual Packages to teach you why your dog thinks and acts the way he does. 
  5. Your Own Personal Desktop Buddy - To make your desktop more interesting and remind you of your best friend.
  6. 6 Reasons Why It's Good To Spoil Your Dog - Never Feel guilty again.




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