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Dear Fellow Dog Lover ,

Have you ever spent nights awake cuddling and comforting a sick dog without knowing exactly why he's sick?

Have you sat flipping through book after book and website after website trying to figure out what was wrong with him before you spent hundreds of dollars at the vet?

Do you consider your dog a bone-a fide member of the family, but find it hard to stomach the enormous cost of veterinary bills for something that may be as simple as an upset tummy?

You don't have to spend those nights pacing the floor.

You can do something about it...

And that something is staring you right in the face.

You need:

"Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch" - A Dog Lover's Dream Reference Book Answering All Your Questions Regarding Your Dog's Health

He's your baby, your buddy, your best friend. He lets you dress him in goofy sweaters, paint his toenails red, and doesn't complain when you spend a few extra hours at the office... even when you promised to take him to the park. The only thing he ever asks in return is a snuggle or two, a few treats, and maybe a new collar every year.

But what if something happened to your precious pooch? Would you know what to do?

Without getting too overly dramatic, having that knowledge can literally mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Do you know what to do if he goes into shock? What are the warning signs of the more common canine diseases and conditions? Heck, do you even know which diseases and conditions are common in canines? If you failed that pop quiz, here's your chance to bone up on your doggie health knowledge and help your baby live a long, happy life.

Details about the illnesses and conditions that can plague your dog from puppyhood to old age, as well as tools to help determine if something is a major problem or just an angry belly.

Both information about health problems AND ways of solving them quickly and with as little pain as possible for both you and your dog. Plus, a quickly accessible and easy-to-use pull-out section for emergencies!


If you think that this information is going to be complex and hard to understand...

If you think that you'll be bored out of your mind reading a book about dog health...

If you think that your money is better spent running to the vet whenever there's a problem...

You're Dead Wrong.....

"I was constantly sent to the vet because my owner was always super worried about me. I bought Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch for him and now he knows how to look after me the right way. Now before he races to the vet he flicks through your e-book and finds out what to do. Thank you Paul for putting everything to do with dog health in an easy to read format.. "

-- Tyke
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You've seen those gigantic encyclopedias about dogs in the bookstore and at the library.

They're packed with everything from information about how puppies are conceived to the most exotic and uncommon afflictions in the dog world, illnesses one dog in every billion contracts. On top of that, they read like War and Peace and have illustrations and photos on a cellular level -- you'd need a degree in veterinary medicine to understand half of them! Why not find relevant information in a fun and humorous format?

Here is just a sampling of what you'll find in this dog lover's dream reference book...


  • Why Your Dog Chows Down Like It's Going Out of Style - You thought he was just hungry, but this reaction is really a part of his basic biology! Also find out ways you can counteract his food fiend side. (It's all on Page 11!)

  • Ways to Help Your Pudgy Pooch Become the Dynamic Dog You Know is Inside! (Page 15)

  • What happens when your dog breaks a bone? (Page 21)

  • Why your dog loooooooves to roll in dirt, especially just after you've given her a bath! (Page 25)

  • Why your pooch is losing all of his hair and starting to look like a middle-aged man without the beer belly. (Page 28)

  • The Correct and Most Painless Way to Brush Her Teeth... for both of you. (Page 32)

  • 5 Common Dental Conditions and what your vet will do to correct them. (Page 33)

  • Getting Rid of Fleas... For Good! (Page 35)

  • 4 Top Internal Parasites. (Page 37)

  • How to Keep Your Dog Protected Against Invisible Dangers. (Page 41)

  • 16 uncommon-but-dangerous conditions you should know about... just in case. (Page 46)

  • Signs and Symptoms of That Dreaded C-Word: Cancer. (Page 58)

  • Exactly how to go about taking your dog's temperature without ending up in the hospital yourself. (Page 63)

  • 5 Techniques for Giving Your Sick Pooch Medicine. (Page 65)

  • How to choose the right puppy for you and your family. (Page 68)

  • 4 Rules for Picking Out Puppy Playthings. (Page 73)

  • How to Housetrain! (Page 74)

  • 9 Signs Your Precious Pup Isn't the Young Whippersnapper He Once Was... and What To Do About Each. (Page 77)

  • Dealing with incontinence in your older dog. (Page 80)

  • How Long Your Dog Will Live. (Page 83)

  • Deciding whether or not to euthanize your dog. (Page 84)

  • 9 Questions to Ask When Your Dog is Ill or Injured. (Page 84)

  • 4 books to help your youngster deal with the death of a doggie. (Page 86)

  • 10 Elements of a Doggie Emergency First Aid Kit. (Page 89)

  • What ingredients are useful to get the digestive juices flowing (Page 181).

  • Dealing With Poisoning and Shock. (Page 91)

Scope out the layout...

You'll agree that the best part of this book is its presentation.

    Photos and Illustrations - Tons of big, bold photos of some of the most adorable doggies you've ever seen!

  • Step-by-Step Instructions- Clear, precise information about dealing with wounds and emergency situations.

  • Fun, Funky Language- Read as if we're right there with you! The whole book is written in a fun, conversational tone, because who wants to be serious when you're talking about something as fun as your dog?

  • One-Click Information Access - Each section is presented in Q & A format, and each question is linked directly from the table of contents.

  • Easy-Access Emergency Info - Instructions and details about emergency treatments are located at the back of the book. Who wants to be flipping through the index of a reference book when your dog is choking?

Hints, tips and facts on every page...

No long, rambling dissertations here! Each page is broken up by one or more of the following:

  • Fun Facts - They might not have a single thing to do with the text, but they're definitely fun and interesting!

  • Helpful Hints - Suggestions relevant to the section and certain to make your life just a little bit easier.

  • Did You Know? - Trivia and interesting information that'll bring a smile to your face and give you some icebreakers for your next dog-lover dinner party.

  • Additional Information - Quick sidebars that delve just a little bit deeper into the topic and give you more background on less common conditions.

  • Quick Tips - A grab bag of any and all of the categories above!

Best of all...

It's totally digital

that means...

  • You don't have to make room on your already crammed shelves,

  • You can print what you want whenever you want... or save paper and keep it all on your hard drive,

  • At the click of a button you can go to the exact topic you want, and

  • The entire book is searchable by keyword, phrase, or question.

Digital Books are the Absolute Best Way to Go.

Sound pretty good so far?

Well I've left the Best Till Now!

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