Just how much do you really know about your precious pup?


You'll find information you never even realised you needed, but essential for every dog lover!

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Do you have at least one framed photo of your dog somewhere in your house... or maybe in your wallet?

Is your dog pretty darn close to being the very center of your universe?

Do you love spoiling him, respond to his every whimper and cry, and spend hundreds of dollars on gourmet treats?

You don't have to wonder how to care for him, spoil him, or communicate with him.

You can get the lowdown on all of this and more...

And enjoy the time you spend doing it.

You need:

"The Dog Lover's Essentials MegaPack"


To say that dogs are man's best friend is anything but a clich. You might be the most miserable person in the world without a friend to your name... but your dog will treat you like royalty every time you walk through the door.

Does your dog know just how much you adore him?

Do you know what to do if he goes into shock? Do you know how to make a killer doggie breakfast? Do you know how to interact with your dog every day in a way that establishes you as the leader of the pack but still your pooch's best bud? Do you make up for the hours you leave him alone every day without a bit of company or interaction? If your answer to any of these questions was no, then find out how you can do all of this and more as well as help your dog live a longer, happier life!

Three fantastic books and one multimedia presentation can show you how to strengthen the bond between you and your dog... without spending a ton of money or having to endure boring text and lectures!

Recipes that will tantalize his taste buds AND free and fun activities that'll keep both of you entertained for hours. Plus, information about how to communicate more effectively with your pooch and solve his most common health problems!

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If you think that this is going to be a bunch of common-sense fluff...

If you think that you'll be bored out of your mind reading books about dogs...

If you think you'd have to spend a ton of money to get a ton of valuable input and information...

You're Dead Wrong.....

"I used to think it was cute to tear apart mum's favourite scarf, but after she watched 'Instinct Vs Man' she now communicates with me at a whole new level. We finally understand each other. Thanks, Paul."

-- Sparky
Instinct VS Man will teach you how your dog thinks so you can more effectively communicate and train your dog.

You've tried it all.

You've been through the training classes. You've read the books. You've spent hundreds on toys and treats every year. When you go on vacation, your dog stays at places ritzier than your own hotel. But every time something seems to be missing -- the training fails after a few weeks, the books are too boring to absorb, and the toys and kennel stays are sending your credit card balances through the roof. If you thought just a single one of our books was a fantastic value, you'll be astounded at the solid gold benefits and information you'll find in our fun, funny, and functional megapack!

So what exactly will you get in this gold standard of a dog lover's dream megapack? You might want to sit down for this list!

In "101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10" :


You'll find the best, most heartfelt ways to show your pooch how much you love him, from the simple and everyday to the most elaborate. And best of all, each is under $10! Love doesn't have to mean $200 weekends at the doggie dayspa. You'll read:

  • How to Give Your Dog a Spa Treatment for a Fraction of the Price - You'll end up with a soft, sweet-smelling pup and don't have to go through an aquatic wrestling match to get it. (It's all on Page 7!)

  • Ways of pampering your dog, yourself, and your neighborhood by sweetening your baby's breath. (Page 9)

  • New Ways to Nurture Her with Nutrition! (Page 11)

  • Great Ways to Celebrate with Picnics and Barkbeques! (Page 17)

  • 5 tricks for spoiling your dog at mealtime. (Page 22)

  • 6 Ways to Use Your Voice as a Toy. (Page 37)

  • How to make your workout work for your dog, too! (Page 38)

  • Fun Field Trips You Can Take with the Rest of the Pack. (Page 41)

  • How to organize growlable get-togethers with his buddies! (Page 46)

And on top of that, the main text is spiced up by:

  • Did You Know? - Trivia and interesting information that'll bring a smile to your face and give you some icebreakers for your next dog-lover dinner party.

  • Additional Information - Quick sidebars and captions that delve just a little bit deeper into the topic or call out especially important points to remember.

  • One-Click Information Access - Each section is presented in an item-by-item format, and each question is linked directly from the table of contents.

  • Easy-Access Pricing Info - Every tip, activity, and product is accompanied by a pricing guide that tells you if it's free, under $5, under $10, or even the precise cost.

  • Statistics - Find out just how much people have spent on pet products in the last year, how many dogs receive presents, and how much dog food we buy!

  • Fun, Breezy Language - Read as if we're right there with you! The whole book is written in a fun, conversational tone, because who wants to be serious when you're talking about something as fun as your dog?

"I just wanted to say thanks, Paul. Being an active dog I hate it when my owners leave me alone all day long. After a hard days work they don't want to think about what they can do with me but after they read "101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10" WOW I just love my life, my owners and I are having a ball and it's not breaking their bank account either. Thanks again for adding spice to my life."

-- Travis
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In 180 Gourmet Dog Recipes Even You Can Enjoy:


Are you positive you could recreate those natural doggie treats you see in the store, but just don't know where to start? Here's the perfect place to begin! Make everything from simple bone-shaped treats to doggie sushi... and share the goodies with your pup. It's easier than you think! You'll read:

  • With just 7 ingredients which everybody has in their cupboard you can make a variety of fantastic tasting treats that can be stored for months. (Everything's on Page 10!)

  • 6 "Healing Canine Cure" Recipes - Let your dog eat their way to feeling on top of the world again. (Page 42)

  • 50 "International" Recipes - I guarantee that your dog will never have tasted anything like these fantastic foods. (Page 50)

  • 5 "Mutt Mint" Recipes - The perfect remedies for Raunchy Breath. (Page 112)

  • 13 Dynamic Desserts -- after dinner or anytime your pooch needs an extra-special treat! (Page 147)

  • 8 Celebration Recipes - Why not make it a special occasion for your pooch? (Page 161)

  • A great natural toothpaste that will leave your dogs teeth sparkling white and minty fresh (Page 191).

But this isn't just some bland cookbook. You'll also get:

  • When You Should Use this Recipe - You don't want to guess, especially when it comes to the healing recipes

  • Fun Facts - They may not have anything to do with the recipe, but they'll definitely be interesting!

  • Healthy Tips - Tips to optimize your dog's health

  • Helpful Hints - Hints to decrease cooking time, proper storage, and lots of information to make your life easier

  • Variations - These will really impress your chow hound!

  • Cautions - Important information for correct preparation and to avoid toxicity

  • Substitutions - Try these for pups with food allergies... or just to add some variety!

And on top of all of that, each recipe is formatted for ease:

  • 1 Recipe per Page - No squinting, No Confusion, All Recipes Beautifully Presented.

  • How many Serves - You know exactly how much your going to get for your efforts.

  • Preparation and Cooking Times - Know exactly How much time you need.

  • Experience Necessary - Know if your can children make these Recipes with You.

  • Complete Ingredients List - You'll know straight away exactly what and how much you'll need of each Ingredient necessary.

  • Step by Step Preparation and Cooking Instructions - Instructions that are just too easy to follow

    Here is an example of what is on top of every recipe so you will know exactly how long it's going to take and how much experience you need.

    Preparation Time
    Cooking Time
    15 minutes
    25 minutes

    Have a look at Every Recipe included

    Click Here

    "It's almost crazy how many recipes are in this book. Most dog food cookbooks just cover one segment of the food, like cookies and treats or plain old food. This one has everything from appetizers to dessert! It's great. The instructions are also very easy to follow."

    -- Maureen Johnson, Grand Rapids, MI

In "Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch" - A Dog Lover's Dream Reference Book Answering All Your Questions Regarding Your Dog's Health:


Do you know what to do if your dog is choking? How about what a parasite infection looks like? Do you know how to help your portly pooch get rid of those few extra pounds? If your answer to any of these questions was no, this book will be a godsend. It's packed full of vital information for any dog owner... you'll wonder how you lived without it! You'll read:

  • Ways to Help Your Pudgy Pooch Become the Dynamic Dog You Know is Inside! (They're on Page 15!)

  • What happens when your dog breaks a bone? (Page 21)

  • Getting Rid of Fleas... For Good! (Page 35)

  • How to Keep Your Dog Protected Against Invisible Dangers. (Page 41)

  • 16 uncommon-but-dangerous conditions you should know about... just in case. (Page 46)

  • Signs and Symptoms of That Dreaded C-Word: Cancer. (Page 58)

  • 5 Techniques for Giving Your Sick Pooch Medicine. (Page 65)

  • How to Housetrain! (Page 74)

  • 9 Signs Your Precious Pup Isn't the Young Whippersnapper He Once Was... and What To Do About Each. (Page 77)

  • 10 Elements of a Doggie Emergency First Aid Kit. (Page 89)

  • Dealing with poisoning and shock. (Page 91)

But there's a wealth of information beyond the main text:

  • Fun Facts - They might not have a single thing to do with the text, but they're definitely fun and interesting!

  • Helpful Hints - Suggestions relevant to the section and certain to make your life just a little bit easier.

  • Did You Know? - Trivia and interesting information that'll bring a smile to your face and give you some icebreakers for your next dog-lover dinner party.

  • Photos and Illustrations - Tons of big, bold photos of some of the most adorable doggies you've ever seen!

  • Additional Information - Quick sidebars that delve just a little bit deeper into the topic and give you more background on less common conditions.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions- Clear, precise information about dealing with wounds and emergency situations.

  • Quick Tips - A grab bag of any and all of the categories above!

  • Easy-Access Emergency Info - Instructions and details about emergency treatments are located at the back of the book. Who wants to be flipping through the index of a reference book when your dog is choking?

    "I was constantly sent to the vet because my owner was always super worried about me. I bought Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch for him and now he knows how to look after me the right way. Now before he races to the vet he flicks through your e-book and finds out what to do. Thank you YOUR NAME HERE for putting everything to do with dog health in an easy to read format.. "

    -- Tyke
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In Instinct vs. Man -- Why Your Dog Thinks and Acts the Way He Does:


This amazing AV presentation is a treasure trove of information about why you may not be communicating with your dog as effectively as you could, as well as how to adapt training, feeding, and even playing to be as productive as possible while helping you bond with your pooch. You'll find out:

  • Why You Can't Read Your Dog's Thoughts... But How to Come Pretty Close! (The secret is in the introduction!)

  • Why you should never ever ever ever ever ever apologize to your dog. (Section 1)

  • 2 games that should be completely off-limits during playtime... and why. (Section 2)

  • The biggest disciplinary mistake dog owners make. (Section 3)

  • Why your disciplinary methods aren't working, and what to do instead. (Section 3)

  • Why Your Dog Chows Down Like It's Going Out of Style, and How to Use That to Your Advantage. (Section 4)

  • How often you should be feeding your dog. (Section 4)

  • What your dog is dreaming! (Section 5)

  • How to Know When Your Dog is Testing You, and How to Pass with Flying Colors! (Section 6)

  • How to break your purebred of that nasty habit. (Section 7)

  • 3 Keywords You Should Use During Training. (Section 8)

But nobody wants a boring lecture, so we've made it worth your while with:

  • Great Illustrations - Fun, colorful characters (both human and canine) to act out the points in the presentation.

  • Animation - What good are cartoons if they don't move?

  • Upbeat, Clear Narration - No droning, boring lecture voice here!

  • Simple Structure - The presentation is divided into 9 distinct sections, so you can watch them all at once or in installments.

  • Easy Viewing - No clicking through websites or slides. The work is all done for you, you just sit back, watch, and relax!

And they're all digital, so no books or videos cluttering up your shelves!

So why do you need all three books and the presentation?

Why wouldn't you?

  • Each item has hundreds of valuable points and pieces of information,

  • Each is completely unique -- no information is duplicated, but

  • Each compliments the others perfectly, and

  • The whole package together costs less than a night out on the town!

Why buy one when you can have the whole megapack for just a tiny amount more?

"Paul, I want to tell you that I have had it up to my ears with the same old food over and over again. I was sick of that horse meat gristle and dried food. But when my owner and I both shared our first meal together, we were in heaven. Thank you for putting together 180 recipes from breakfast to dessert, I especially like the mini barkday cakes they really made my party special.

-- Rex
Even fussy eaters will enjoy these dog recipes, dog treats and dog desserts.

Sound pretty good so far?

Well, I've left the Best Till Now!

This megapack typically sells for $97, which would be a fantastic bargain. Honestly, think of all of the money you spend on dog toys, training classes, and huge encyclopedias of dog information... and how you barely crack those books open. But... because I believe you and your dog need this information, I want to twist your arm and convince you completely that you need to buy it immediately.


I'm going to knock another $30 off the price.

So for just $67 you can get everything which includes:

101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10

180 Gourmet Dog Recipes

Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch

Instinct Vs Man Multimedia Package

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  • Secrets to Happy and Healthy Pooch - Before you take your do to the vet again, check this out First.
  • Instinct Vs Man- Why Your Dog Thinks and Acts the Way He Does.
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