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Is your dog tired of seeing you dish out the same food night after night week after week?

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Dog recipes for your puppy, that are healthy and good for your dog.

Throughout the week does your dog get neglected while you're slaving away at the office and now you want to treat your dog to something better than he has ever had in his life, just to say "You're a Good Dog"?

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"180 Fantastic Gourmet Recipes that Even You can Enjoy"

Hes there when you need a reassuring kiss, to warm your tootsies under the covers on those cold winter nights, and to just generally spend every waking moment by your side.

He gives you his best, so now its your turn to give him your best.

You may never have taken him to a doggie day spa (too prissy), doggie day care (too many other dogs), or even had a doggie walker (too impersonal), but nows the chance to put on your tallest chef hat, lace up that apron, and get to work on some of the best doggie cuisine youve ever seen.

180 recipes that will bring spice and variety to your dog's diet. Treats that will bribe your dog to do anything you ask of him (in fact he'll truly be Your best friend when he sees what your cooking up for him).

Recipes that will tantalize his taste buds AND fill that black hole of a stomach so that after enjoying that scrumptious meal he will roll up in a contented ball and sleep the dreams that puppies dream of..

You dog will love these dog recipes, homemade dog buscuit recipes, dog treat recipes, homemade dog food recipes.


If you think that these recipes are going to cost you an arm and a leg to make.......

If you think that these recipes are too hard to create.....

If you think that you will need to spend hours in the kitchen.....

You're Dead Wrong.....

"It's almost crazy how many recipes are in this book. Most dog food cookbooks just cover one segment of the food, like cookies and treats or plain old food. This one has everything from appetizers to dessert! It's great. The instructions are also very easy to follow."

-- Maureen Johnson, Grand Rapids, MI

Sure, youve seen those high-priced bags of medical diet foods in the vets office.

They have ingredients like lamb and rice or duck and potato better food than you have for dinner, but the price really comes from the packaging. You can easily create healthy, helpful cuisine for your dog in your own kitchen.

Here is just a fraction of what is included in this Dog Lover's Dream Recipe Book....


  • What Not to Feed Your Dog - We've all heard of Chocolate, but did you know there are some meats that are a definite no no. (Find out on Page 7)

  • 22 Best Ways to "Start the Day" Breakfast Recipes (Page 8)

  • With just 7 ingredients which everybody has in their cupboard you can make a variety of fantastic tasting treats that can be stored for months (Page 10).

  • 10 "Natural as Can Be" Recipes - A fantastic alternative to that huge bag of dry dog food (Page 31).

  • Prepare a recipe that can aid in the prevention of cancer (Page 36).

  • 6 "Healing Canine Cure" Recipes - Let your dog eat their way to feeling on top of the world again. (Page 42)

  • 12 Herb Helpers and what they can be used for to treat your dog. (Page 43)

  • 50 "International" Recipes - I guarantee that your dog will never have tasted anything like these fantastic foods. (Page 50)

  • What looks terrible but dogs can't resist.....I'll give you a hint....Meow (page 68).

  • 11 "Special Salivating Sauces" - Add a new twist to your dog's dinner. (Page 100)

  • Make a special sauce so your dog can share in the festive season (Page 105)

  • 5 "Mutt Mint" Recipes - The perfect remedies for Raunchy Breath. (Page 112)

  • Prepare a cool treat, excellent for a summers day but even better to cure your dog's of bad breath. (Page 116)

  • Make a variety of Peanut Butter Dog Treats your dog will love! (Page 136 and Page 142)

  • Or bake a Peanut Butter dog treat cake! (Page 168)

  • 17 Meaty Treats - The perfect way to say "Good Boy" (Page 118)

  • Whether bones or kitty shapes, these treats are fun for both baker and eater (Page 121)

  • 10 Delicious Cookie Recipes - Your dog is not the only one to enjoy these wonderful cookies (Page 136).

  • Here's a great recipe that the whole family can be involved with (Page 139).

  • 13 Dynamic Desserts - After dinner or anytime you think your dog needs something extra special (Page 147).

  • What dessert is great during Frisbee games (Page 150).

  • 8 Celebration Recipes - Why not make it a special occasion for your pooch (Page 161).

  • The absolute best apple cake (Page 164)

  • 9 Natural Puppy Food Recipes - Because puppies are more than just small dogs (Page 170).

  • How to make meals more manageable for your puppy (Page 173).

  • 10 Healing Beverages - Cool down your hot dog with these great recipes (Page 180).

  • What ingredients are useful to get the digestive juices flowing (Page 181).

  • 9 Special Hygiene Recipes - Is that broccoli in your dog's teeth or are you just bad at brushing? (Page 190).

  • A great natural toothpaste that will leave your dogs teeth sparkling white and minty fresh (Page 191).
"I would never think you could come up with this many recipes for dogs! The health and first aid treatments are really practical and helpful, and I love the fact that I can make a lot of these recipes and share them with my dogs. At first I thought it wasn't worth the time to bake treats for my dog, but if I get to have a cookie, too -- well, that's worth it."

-- Dave Miller, Harrisburg, PA

Have a look at Every Recipe included

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Check out the presentation...

Your going to absolutely love how these recipes are presented.

  • 1 Recipe per Page - No squinting, No Confusion, All Recipes Beautifully Presented.

  • How many Serves - You know exactly how much your going to get for your efforts.

  • Preparation and Cooking Times - Know exactly How much time you need.

  • Experience Necessary - Know if your can children make these Recipes with You.

  • Complete Ingredients List - You'll know straight away exactly what and how much you'll need of each Ingredient necessary.

  • Step by Step Preparation and Cooking Instructions - Instructions that are just too easy to follow

    Here is an example of what is on top of every recipe so you will know exactly how long it's going to take and how much experience you need.

    Preparation Time
    Cooking Time
    15 minutes
    25 minutes

Hints, tips and facts on every page...

Every page has one of the following added to make your cooking experience even more pleasant.

  • When You Should Use this Recipe - Especially for the healing recipes so you know exactly.

  • Fun Facts - might not have anything to do with the recipe but will definitely be an interesting fact.

  • Healthy Tips - Tips included to optimize your dog's health.

  • Helpful Hints - Hint's to decrease cooking time, storage hints and lots of information to make your life easier.

  • Variations - Try these fantastic variations to really impress your dog.

  • Cautions - Very important cautions that when properly followed will ensure that you have a healthy and happy pooch.

  • Substitutions - If your dog is allergic to a particular type of food or you want to give him a change try these substitutions.

  • Quick Tips - Can include information on any one of the topics above.

Best of all....

It's Completely Digital

that means...

  • Takes up no room on your shelves,

  • You can print out whatever recipe you need (it doesn't matter if you spill food on it because you can always print another one),

  • At the click of a button you can go to the exact recipe you want - no more turning pages,

  • You can search the whole recipe book for a specific ingredient or recipe.

Digital Recipe Books are the Absolute Best way to go.

"This is one of the most exhaustive cookbooks for dogs I've ever seen. I didn't expect to see recipes as exotic as sushi, but my dog definitely loved them!"

-- Brian Walker, Houston, TX

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